Use flare for the copper fittings for propane lines

Ever need to add a catalytic heater or do something to a propane appliance in your RV? The gas line is probably soft copper tubing that goes from the appliance to a shutoff valve underneath the rig and then to the regulator and propane tanks. Having a shutoff for each appliance and having most of the fittings outside the rig are safety measures.

Gas lines use flared fittings. This is so the fitting will not fall apart in a fire. A fire could melt a solder connection causing a leak and adding fuel to the fire – at least this is what the Just for Copper FAQ says. Just for Copper is a glue for copper or brass that can be used instead of solder and might be handy if you still have copper water lines in your RV.

To find out more about this topic, see

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Plumbing – the glassblowers have a nice illustrated step by step and a table of sizes for propane piping.

Applications: Tube, Pipe & Fittings : Copper Tube Handbook: VIII … – this article on flare fitting is a good start to find out just about everything you might want to know about copper. • View topic – How to run Propane Lines? – this is a thread on a BBS system for those interested in school bus conversions. Ryan has a good post on the copper vs iron pipe for gas debate. The Tutorials and How-to’s section has an interesting list of topics that need some readin’ time.

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