The sheep are visible in the canyons. On the way to the Unionville SNU Rally site there was a flock of sheep at the entrance to the canyon. Later in the day, an old, beat up RV went up the canyon past the Airstreams. That was the sheepherder moving camp.
A bit later the flock could be seen on its way up the canyon to Congress canyon where the creek provided good water for the sheep. There were dogs that were guiding the sheep but you didn’t want to get close enough to the flock to see them.

They don’t seem to count sheep, either. The story was that there was a black sheep for about every ten white ones. So the herders would only count the black ones. They figured that if a group wandered off, it would probably include a black one. So counting the easy to spot black sheep provided an easy way to quickly determine if the whole flock was together.
In this picture you can see the sheep almost looking like popcorn in the sagebrush on the canyon sides along the creek.

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