Unionville Nevada

Unionville is squeezed in a canyon as you can see in this maps.live.com screenshot. On the right to the east is the valley the heads north to Winnemucca. On the left to the west is the ridge that has a dirt trail over to Lovelock. The county park is on the north side of the road near the left of this picture.

This is a closer view with the park near the center of the photograph. You can see the gravel road that heads to the north and serves as the entrance to the parking area. The parking area shows as a loop with the picnic area trees to the right.
unionville park
Just past the park up the canyon the creek takes a bend to the south. There is a nice house on the outside of this bend. If you get past this point in the canyon with an RV you are likely to have an interesting time turning around.

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