Recollections of WBCCI – Caravans

Dale’s memorabilia of the early days of the WBCCI provides a glimpse into the very early days of recreational group travel.
centum plaque
What an adventure for an 8th grader! Dale (Pee Wee) Schwamborn even had class assignments to explain his absence from class while on a central American caravan. For the next 15 years he has a direct experience to share.

Prior to this, perhaps the next previous such caravans were the wagon trains moving west in the latter part of the 19th century. The caravans of the post WW II era were a unique confluence of technology, international politics, and personal capability that created memories that tell us a side of life not usually found in the history books of the era.

Check out PeeWee’s recollections of the early WBCCI Caravans!

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