About getting pulled out of a nasty situation

Every now and then you might find yourself stuck. Whether it is on a sandy beach or a snow covered drive, there are things to do to get moving again. Some things help, some are dangerous, and some just keep you busy. Pirate4x4.Com – Extreme Four Wheel Drive can help you figure out how to pull yourself out safely.

I decided to do this article because of the overwhelming number of incredibly dangerous things I see people do during vehicle recovery – in my own club, in magazines, and in pictures on the ‘net. This is another one of those area’s where there is an incredible amount of misinformation out there – and you know how I HATE misinformation.

so what’s the key? First is to be aware that you are dealing with lethal forces. This means care and knowledge are absolute necessities. The page starts with a nice glossary of terms with pictures. Then on to the concept of the weakest link, figuring forces, wire rope, chains, and other hardware.

The page is technical and has a lot of good resources cited for further information.

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