Andy Thompson on towing

Andy is one of the Can Am RV folks in Ontario who knows a lot about setting up towing rigs from actual experience and experiment. He posted several messages on RV.Net before he got hounded out by the zealots. If you are looking for sound advice on towing myths and understanding towing handling, check these posts.

“Our Store has been installing custom made hitches and setting up tow vehicles since 1970. We began to seriously experiment with smaller vehicles in 1977 when the first downsizing of full size cars occurred. We were as shocked as anyone when we discovered that a smaller car with a smaller engine actually outperformed and definitely out handled the previous models.”

These links go through the Trailer Life access to the forums

Towing “Myths” and “Urban Legends” – about the wheelbase rule of thumb, LT tires, SUV’s for towing, manufacture tow limits rule, Hensley hitches, overdrive, suspension components, half vs 3/4 ton towers, towing speeds,

Towing “Myths” and “Urban Legends” – the issue of factory warranty on equipping and towing tow vehicles

Chrysler 300C towing a 28′ Air Stream – looking for sanity and sense in safe towing.

Take a look at the rest of these threads as well and you can find a lot to help you understand how to make your experience a safe experience.

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