Boxes to hold in and secure computer applications

If you are one of those folks stuck in a Microsoft world, then you are familiar with the need for firewalls, virus scanners, and other methods to fend off scams and harassment. Here is another approach that appears to have promise. It is similar to Java in setting up a ‘sandbox.’ The Microsoft web browser and email client are run inside the sandbox. When you are done browsing and messaging, then you clean the sandbox and close it up. This terminates any programs, such as virus programs, that may have been downloaded and resets any system settings that may have been changed. When you close down your internet session, your system should be back to just like it was before you opened it.

GreenBorder Makes Microsoft IE and Outlook Safe to Use

The program has a free ‘personal’ edition to try to get you to upgrade to purchasing the ‘professional’ version with extra security features. It might just be an additional layer of protection to augment your anti-malware scanning software and firewall software and good internet user practice to help keep your system your own.

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