Old enough to have kids and parents both needing help

When you are comfortably in your career or just past retirement and have the time and resources to really enjoy your RV, you may also be facing care of your parents or your children’s college or both. You are also facing your own care down the road. Business Week Online has a special report about preparing for aging parents. The articles are short – no more than an expanded checklist, really – but well worth perusing to see if you have overlooked anything or haven’t considered some issues that have important consequences.

Making Your Parents’ Golden Years Shine Dealing with the vicissitudes of old age can be challenging. But there’s lots you can do, including Rule No. 1: Be prepared

Strategies for the “Sandwich Generation” Caught between responsibilities for older parents—and kids? Here are tips from financial pros on how not to get squeezed

Eldercare: Making the Best Choice If it’s time to talk about getting your parents a little help, here’s the lowdown on the different types of service you might choose

Tip Sheet: Making Eldercare Less Stressful The process of initiating and sustaining long-term care for loved ones can be stressful and awkward

Planning for Long-Term Care Investigate your long-term care insurance options now, before you need it, to make sure your golden years are comfortable and worry-free

Getting Your Parents’ Finances in Order You and your parents can achieve peace of mind by following these helpful tips for dealing with everything from wills to insurance “License To Steal”

From Seniors How to protect the elderly from the people they’ve chosen to trust

Tip Sheet: Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse One potential blight on the “golden years” for many older Americans: They could be the victims of fraud and other financial crime targeted at the elderly

Gadgets That Keep an Eye on Seniors Aging baby boomers are spurring companies and universities to develop tools to monitor the well-being of a home’s occupants

You need to be able to enjoy your time with yourself and with your friends. Assuring proper care of your parents is one worry you can handle so you don’t have to take it with you RV’ing.

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