Equestrian Boondocking and the Pony Express

The Nevada All State Trail Riders seem to share some common interests with the WBCCI SNU. They may not be the organization at Scout Camp on rally weekend but their interest is clear. NASTR…Carson River Ranches describes their efforts along this stretch of the river.

The trails project includes clearing and signage for seven trail heads, a rest room and horse corrals, camp areas and approximately 30 miles of trail connecting the two State Park units, as well as BLM lands. The trails will accommodate non-motorized users, equestrians, hikers, 4-h campers, hunters, mountain bikers and educational activities and canoeing on the Carson River.

The equestrian set also finds Ramhorn Springs and Meadowview Camp, two other SNU type sites, as places to go for a ride.

Boondocking (Free Camping) is a catalog of GPS coordinates that may help you find places to camp far enough off the beaten trail that nobody worries about collecting fees. It is a user created database so its quality is in the hands of those who provide information.

Boondocking Guide is Pat Water’s attempt to spread the wealth. He is a Canadian who bought a motor home and now spends most of his time in Southern California and Arizona BLM dispersed camping areas. He’s got pictures and some good information.

Be Prepared is the NOAA hurrican preparedness site. Its for those who end up boondocking without leaving home. It may have some good advice for handling unexpected circumstances when you can only depend upon yourself.

Indians and Their Wars in Nevada Part 1 (1881) might be a good place to start if you like to dream about the ‘good old days’ (note that the Civil War re-enactors won’t be at Ft. Churchill this fall). It looks like the Washoe Tribe was prevalent along the Carson River in the mid 1800’s although The Pony Express and the Pah Ute War indicates there were other tribes. This particular history is somewhat sympathetic to the Indians.

Perhaps one reason the Carson River near Fort Churchill interests the equestrian set is that it has a rich Pony Express History. Nevada Division of State Parks – Fort Churchill State Historic Park is a good start (and other park information). Bonus.comĀ® has a map and a rundown on Buckland station. Pony Express NHT: Historic Resource Study (Chapter 8) provides a list of stations along this stretch of the route to provide an historical perspective (see the Table of Contents for a lot more on the history of the trail. Pony Express Trail is the story from the Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership. The Silver Springs Chamber of Commerce is another site worth perusing. Their Buckland Station page provides a concise history.

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