Parts, pieces, documentation, and things sources

Rivets, metal sheets, and the tools you need for them can sometimes be rather difficult to find. Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. is one place to find some of these things. You can also find ideas such as the Rivnut Assortment kit. Don’t know what a rivnut is? Check the docs.

If you don’t want to wait for technology to catch up to you, you can see about HOW TO – Build your own band aid fuel cell at the Make Blog.

For appliance repair you can find parts at Appliance Parts, Repair Help and Service Referral or Appliance Parts from – HomePage

For hydronic heating and instant hot water, check TwinTemp which is oriented at those big class A’s.

If you want to make sure you don’t pull down your battery too far you might want to check out the Battery Brain

And to help with the documentation and manual shortage, there is a free LP gas service manual – RegO® Products LP-Gas Service Manual. There are a lot more manuals and tutorials available for electrical systems. See RV Electric for example. If you are looking for an alternative Kill-a-watt, check out Watts Up? Products!

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration is a place where people share what and how they make things. It might have some ideas for you.

If your ball mount shank rattles around in the hitch receiver, check out the Eliminator-Anti Sway Bracket by Surco as a solution.

If you want to know how traffic devices, such as speed limits, are supposed to be set, check the MUTCD Millennium Edition with incorporated Revision Number 1 changes, dated December 28, 2001 – FHWA MUTCD. This is the manual that tells your state DOT how to do things if it wants federal highway funds.

If you have a Ford tow vehicle, check out Ford Truck Enthusiasts, 1948-2006 Ford trucks, F150, Super Duty & SUV owners community and information source. Covers F100, F-150, F250, Bronco, Ranger, Explorer, Expedition, Lighting, Escape and More

For trailer tires, there are a number of places to check out. Tire Tech – Tire Size Information, Trailer Tire Facts – Discount Tire Co., trailer_tire_poster.pdf (application/pdf Object), marathon_gen_info_032806.pdf (application/pdf Object), Carlisle Tires – Sure Trail

If you need to have cell phone service out in the wilds, see World’s Best Performing Cellular Amplifiers and Antennas – Smart Technology™

And if you have some other good resources for parts, pieces, fixing things, or being creative in making things, pass ’em along.

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