CO Detectors and Alarms have 5 year life

Jeff Wisniewski, Vice President for MTI, suggests that you replace your RV carbonom monoxide (CO) alarms and detectors if they are more than five years old, RV News Magazine reports.

MTI recommends you consider this RV Safe T.R.I.P. Tip:

  • Test and inspect all CO alarms installed on RVs weekly and each time the RV is taken out of storage. Replace alarms that do not work.
  • Replace all CO alarms that are more than five years old. The date code is usually on the back of the alarm.
  • Install CO alarms approved for use on RVs when replacing old units. Add alarms on older RVs.
  • Prevent accidents by being aware of the potential sources of CO in and around your RV. Never ignore or disable a sounding alarm.

The five year lifespan idea appears to have something to do with all gas detectors. It seems they get something like a stuffy nose and can’t smell very well after a time. More research is needed to verify this.

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