12 Volt Compact Flourescent at Wal Mart

You know its time to start thinking about RV anti-freeze. That’s $3.5/gal at Wall Mart right now.

There was a new item in the RV section that looked interesting. You know those compact flourescent lightbulbs that you can get to replace standard household lightbulbs? They are sometimes called swirleys because they look like an ice cream cone swirl on a light bulb base.

Camco RV now has one for your RV that costs just under $9.

The RV bulb looks just like the houshold bulb but is designed for 12 volt operation. It uses the standard E26 edison base, just like regular light bulbs so you can use just about any common household lamp for them.

You just have to make sure not to plug it into 110v household outlets.
The Camco bulb says its “engineered for RVs” and “solar ready.” It is a 15 watt bulb and puts out the light equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent. The color temperature is 2700k which is rather warm for a flourescent. That means you get a lot of light for a bit over an amp of current from your RV battery. That’s the same current draw as the more common 12v incandescant bulb uses but a whole lot more light.

Wal Mart is pushing these CF (compact flourescent) lights for its household energy efficiency image. Now it has one for the 12V RV as well that can be an inexpensive (compared to the fixtures at Camping World) way to get a lot of light in the RV that doesn’t drain the battery.

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