A new way to make RV’s receives patent

RV News reports on the most significant change in RV design since the 1937 Airstream. TM Design Research has received US Patent 7,000,978 for a Molded Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Process (MLV Process)

With the MLV Process, a large one-piece fiberglass vehicle body is quickly made to automotive quality precise dimensions, with a perfect exterior fit and finish. In the MLV Process, the fiberglass body skin is remarkably light in weight, but has more strength and rigidity than conventional vehicle body structures. This is made possible by specially developed automotive composite rigid structural foam, which is injected in a mold containing the fiberglass body skin and metal parts. The result is a low cost one-piece ultra lightweight large vehicle body of extremely high quality.

TM Design Research is the same design group that licensed the Sky Deck to Airstream and Thor five years ago. That was the Class A with a circular stairway to the roof where seats and BBQ made for a way to get above it all in your RV.

Every now and then the discussion surfaces about using foam insulation in Airstreams. The reason why fiberglass is still used is because the expanding foam disintigrates over time. The MLV process may solve that problem by using a special foam and making it an integral part of the structure with a fiberglass skin and internal structural elements. Its been tried in the past but success hasn’t been achieved. Do you think TM Design Research has something this time?

If Airstream picked up on this technique, owners would still qualify for WBCCI membership. It would be interesting to see if Airstream did use this technique to make a travel trailer with styling similar to its classic line.

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