South of Conway Pass Photo Gallery Update

There are a number of photo galleries that have been added or updated with pictures of the Mono Lake area.

Mono Lake Mono Lake was quite full this year. The photo gallery shows what it looked like in 1982 as a comparison. There are also pictures of the infamous Conway grade. This is only 6% but is a long slog at high altitude.

Obsidian Dome SNU Rally 2006 The SNU rally at Obsidian Dome in July 2006 photo gallery was a good chance to see the dispersed camping possibilities for medium sized RV’s.

Obsidian Dome The destinations page for Obsidian Dome also has a photo gallery that shows how to find a good camp spot. It has been updated with new pictures

Mono Craters from Sagehen Summit The Sagehen Summit photo gallery shows the view and the potential location for another rally. This one has been updated recently, too.

Lower Deadman Karen also has a photo gallery of potential campsites in this area from a couple of years ago.

Mono Lake 1982 The photo gallery of Mono and Topaz lakes also has some scenery from times past.

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