What is February doing for Thanksgiving?

Wake up in the morning and find a thick blanket of snow everywhere. Its standing 4 inches deep on top of an eighth inch thick twig. And the storm is then followed by more than a week of record breaking, bone chilling cold.

What is this February weather doing visiting us for Thanksgiving?

For one thing, it certainly lets you know whether or not you properly prepared your rig for winter, except your probably won’t find out until next spring when things thaw out and you try to get all the systems going.

Don’t forget – picnic at Hersey’s Sunday!

See the owner’s guide about winterizing, keeping warm, catalytic heaters, understanding HVAC, and even a slide show about replacing a furnace.

RV Roadie is putting together a website to tell you what fulltiming is really all about. What do you think? good information?

Understanding Batteries, Issue #1 – Why batteries need replacing looks like a good place to find out more than you might ever want to know about how and why batteries fail. The Australian experience provides a good basis for Great Basin desert life as well.

As you might guess, there are some out there who worry about things others of us consider rather off the wall. Consider, for instance, those who buy an Airstream because the aluminum makes a good shield for radio waves. They probably have Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control in their bookmarks for when they are outside the Airstream. Or, if they are a bit more discriminating, tin foil hats.

Battery charging is always an issue, especially when its cold out and the you need to keep the furnace running. You can find out how to turn a lawn mower into a battery charger – but I don’t know if any neighbors are going to be very happy listening to a lawn mower going for four or five hours every day.

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