Going to an Eastern Sierra Rally this weekend?

Rick passes along a warning about getting gas on your way to and from the Obsidian Dome rally site.

Fuel prices are out of sight in Mono County. It is best to get fuel at Topaz prior to coming down. You should have enough to get back there. If not a short trip to Mammoth which has the lowest fuel prices around here.

Here is a rundown on the latest prices in Bishop. You can also look for prices in the Mammoth Lakes, which has prices about fpirty cents higher by changing the area selection. I didn’t see Bridgeport on this site. Maybe its prices are too high? The gas price temperature map has that section of California looking like Death Valley in a heat wave.

Check the entry on gas prices for links to Nevada Gas Price sites.

As always when traveling in these parts, keep a good fuel reserve in your tank at all times. There are some long stretches between gas stations and what you find when you get there may not make for a pleasant experience.

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