Sunsets, Camera Basics, Great Photographs

About the only holdout for film anymore these days is the disposable camera. Digital cameras have the advantages of the old Polaroid immediate review and are available in nearly any size and with nearly any feature set you can imagine. The newer digital cameras are also very smart and able to help you take great pictures of your travels even if you aren’t paying much attention to photographic necessities in taking your pictures.

Here are some websites with information to help you learn to know what to pay attention to in taking pictures. They can help you create better pictures that others will admire and enjoy your sharing with them. Most of these websites are selected pages and you can browse around to find other related pages if you like the presentation or the way the author describes things.

How to Photograph Sunrises and Sunsets – The drama of the color and shadows and vistas make a good sunrise or sunset photograph a good opener or exclamation point in your travelogue. Here’s how to add a stunner to your photo gallery.

How to Make Great Photographs © 2005 – It is not the hardware, it is the artist! Ken has a lot of good tutorials on his site and this one will help you put together the photographer’s attitude to make for better pictures no matter what equipment you use.

Free Image Hosting at – one place to put your pictures so everyone can see them. You can use this service to store photographs that are linked in email or posted to your discussion groups.

photonotes – This set of notes features the Canon EOS but has a lot of good information for the digital camera photographer.

PhotographyJam – the photographer’s resource: Camera basics: shutter-speed, aperture and ISO – a good introduction to getting the light right on your photographic subject.

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