Gasoline, Prices, and Fuel Efficiency

As a rule of thumb, figure that for every penny you spend on gas you spend another on maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. And then for every penny on fuel and maintenance, add another for depreciation, insurance, and other costs. In other words, fuel is about a quarter of you overall vehicle costs. Here are some links to help you manage these costs.

Finding current prices – where to find the best places to fuel up right now where you are.

USA National Gas Temperature Map – a color coded map that shows gas prices county by county – a good way to figure where to by gas on that cross country trip.

Gas Prices – MSN Autos – Reno Nevada selected link show map of stations with a table of prices at each.

Nevada Gas Prices – Find Cheap Gas Prices in Nevada. This link selects the Reno and Sparks Area for a list of stations with their price as reported by volunteers. This site makes it easy to select search criteria for location and fuel type.

Reno Gas Prices – is selling cars. This price reference seems not quite as good as some others but might provide a
good check.

Safety – See also the Owner’s Guide

safety_pump.pdf (pdf) – Exxon quick reference about safety at the pump.

ESD Journal – gas pump fire hazards – is using a  cell
phone while pumping gas dangerous?

About Gasoline

Fil’s Auto Corner: Gasoline FAQ – learn what octane is all about.

Howstuffworks “How Gasoline Works” – what it is and where it comes from

Tires and habits – are among the most important easy to manage ways to save on fuel

Carlisle Media Site

We Test the Tips

Autozone -Ways to Save Fuel

Tire Tech – Air Pressure – Learn about why the pressure in your tires is important for optimum performance.

PressureProSystem – a tire pressure monitoring system to help you detect low air pressure quickly

TOYO TIRES – check out the articles linked to learn about getting the most from your tires

Storage – don’t let your gas get stale and gum up.

Longer-Term Storage of Gasoline – Chevron fills you in with a technical bulletin

Gold Eagle – Stabil – one of the more popular additives to keep
stored gasoline usable

Politics and Inflation – The price of fuel has a lot to do with government, economics, and people.

How gas price controls sparked ’70s
shortages – Business – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper
–  its a big
political issue and learning a bit about the history of fuel prices and attempts to control it can help you make good decisions.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation Calculator – what a dollar can buy changes over time so the actual dollar price of fuel can be misleading as an indicator of its cost. This NASA calculator lets you compare actual costs based on an analysis of what the dollar could buy at different times.

What Was the Inflation Rate Then? –  learn a bit more about how money is related to the goods and services it can buy as this relationship changes over time.

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