Unionville on the radar

The Unionville rally planned for the weekend of May 18 is going to be a dry camp and a good chance to make sure you did your Spring maintenance and prep job right.

You can find a bit about the Unionville history at them or us.com – Why Indians came to VC in 1861 to entice miners with Buena Vista canyon silver ore isn’t said but the invite was accepted. “Wages at the time (1869) were said to be $4 a day for miners, $3 a day for surface workers, and $2 a day for Indians. That’s $52, $39, and $26, respectively, in 2002 dollars. A dozen eggs cost roughly $13 2002 dollars.”

KNPB’s Wild Nevada show also visited the site. They mention some of the other ghost towns in the area.

Before heading out it might be a good idea to check the weather underground for Unionville weather conditions and forecast.

Be sure to send in those RSVP’s if you are going to attend the special rally brunch at Mitzi’s.

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