Vintage Airstream Podcast

A podcast is an audio file that you can download to play on a computer or a media device such as Apple’s iPod. You can ‘subscribe’ so that the programs are downloaded to your machine automatically.

The Vintage Airstream Podcast if offering something much like a one hour radio program as their podcast. Each is about 20MB or a bit more so can take a few minutes to download even with broadband.

Episode 8 starts with a Wally Byam interview cut from a Talk of the Town radio program from 1954. Music is provided by the Trailer Park Troubadours. You can listen in to Wally’s ideas for caravans some five [update- only 1, WBCCI formally established in 1955] years before WBCCI was formed and then listen to a discussion about restoration topics including the suicide doors and zolatone.

VAP appears to be user supported. They are asking for donations to support the effort on their web site. They’d like you to subscribe and pay $20 – $24 per year.

Production quality seems to be very good. If you like listening to your internet as well as just looking at it, this might be worth considering!

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