Sleepy driving; Nevada’s Number One

In Nevada, a primary cause of traffic accidents is an inability to stay in lane. Drugs and lack of attention are factors in this but sleepiness is also an issue, especially on the long lonely straight stretches of Nevada Highways.

Men’s Journal says Snooze, You Win. “According to new studies, nothing tunes up mind and body like a good nap. But there’s an art to catching the right kind of z’s. ”

Here’s how the power nap works: Sleep comes in five stages that recur cyclically throughout a typical night, and a power nap seeks to include just the first two of them. The initial stage features the sinking into sleep as electrical brain activity, eye and jaw-muscle movement, and respiration slow. The second is a light but restful sleep in which the body gets ready — lowering temperature, relaxing muscles further — for the entry into the deep and dreamless “slow-wave sleep,” or SWS, that occurs in stages three and four. Stage five, of course, is REM, when the eyes twitch and dreaming becomes intense.

To get the perfect nap, try this.

1 Recognize that you’re not being lazy; napping will make you more productive and more alert after you wake up.
2 Try to nap in the morning or just after lunch; human circadian rhythms make late afternoons a more likely time to fall into deep (slow-wave) sleep, which will leave you groggy.
3 Avoid consuming large quantities of caffeine as well as foods that are heavy in fat and sugar, which meddle with a person’s ability to fall asleep.
4 Instead, in the hour or two before your nap time, eat foods high in calcium and protein, which promote sleep.
5 Find a clean, quiet place where passersby and phones won’t disturb you.
6 Try to darken your nap zone, or wear an eyeshade. Darkness stimulates melatonin, the sleep- inducing hormone.
7 Remember that body temperature drops when you fall asleep. Raise the room temperature or use a blanket.
8 Once you are relaxed and in position to fall asleep, set your alarm for the desired duration (see below).

We’ve got some nice rest areas in Nevada (see photo gallery)
Wilson Canyon
Plan on using them for a short break and maybe a twenty minute nap. You will be safer on the road as a result. Don’t get caught taking a nap driving your rig is going down the road!

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