Worried about holidays weight gain?

A University of Toronto post on Science Blog discusses one of those worries that festivities and food can have on those who aren’t as active as they might need to be to keep fit.

U of T psychology professors Peter Herman and Janet Polivy examined more than 30 years of research to survey the principles governing overeating and obesity. They found that while medical approaches continue to emphasize hunger and satiety as the root of the obesity epidemic, these two factors are usually not the most significant causes of overeating.

Instead, people allow environmental cues to dominate their eating choices, rather than adhering to selections that would satisfy their physical or nutritional needs. Portion size, palatability, variety and the food intake of fellow eaters are all potent influences on individual consumption. Norms may also become elevated depending on the social context in which they function, such as the case of the individual who, wishing to avoid appearing overindulgent, may refuse second helpings at a formal meal but accept them when eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet or among family and close friends.

This might be a good time to review the diet and exercise pages in the Owner’s Guide.

If you are worried about your weight – which usually means too much for those in the 40 to 80 year old regime and too little for those over 80 – you need to transfer your worries to your lifestyle habits instead. Get to know yourself and then make little changes in your routines that will lead to better health and fitness. Look for changes over months and years rather than days and weeks.

The year end and resolutions for the new year are often reminders to look back to think about what we need to change for the future. Making steps, even small steps, towards better fitness will make progress towards being able to better enjoy your RV experience.

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