SNU Newsletter August 2014

SNU Folks,

The  August 2014 Newsletter has been posted - Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

Topics in the August newsletter

August rally at Obsidian Dome -|- Weed Heights rally review -|- Welcome Stan & Geri -|- Prez Meanderings -|- Time to Renew Membership -|- 2015 Rally Schedule -|- Update from Don & Gail -|- SNU Officers and Elections -|- Summer Travels -|- Measuring Battery Status

August Rally at Obsidian Dome

The annual SNU rally at Obsidian Dome is Thursday August 14 – Sunday 17 2014 Obsidian Dome is located between June Lakes and Mammoth Lakes, CA. The campground is 2.7 miles off of US 395 Please check the link below for detailed information and directions to the rally site, including Rick’s PDF file with photos and route details. Bobbi will be stopping by Schat’s Bakery in Bishop and picking up  a variety of breads and rolls for Thursday dinner. The rest of us will bring salads or sandwich makings. Bring a salad or sandwich fillings for our Thursday evening salad and sandwich dinner.

note: Rick checked the road in and says “road has had some rain on it so it a little bit rougher but still very passable. Take your time going in.”

For more information on Obsidian

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