propane level check – ultrasonic

The promo video even has an Airstream! (what else do you expect). The truma levelcheck is a German product and the website says Safari Stores in Reno carries them. The idea seems plausible. It shouldn’t be that difficult to use ultrasound to detect presence or absence of a liquid behind a thin sheet of steel or aluminum. It says it is for “For all steel and aluminium LP gas cylinders with a diameter of 7.9 to 13.8 in / 200 to 350 m” — don’t know what they want for it – have to drop by Safari the next time I head to town to find out.

meanwhile, I wonder if it would be possible to hack something like this as a micro-controller project. Most of the ultrasonic sensors are for measuring distance. It’d take some experimenting to see what kind of signal a propane tank would produce.

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