Tips for a steak on the stove

Off the (Meat) Hook has an entry {meeeeeeeeeaaaat} How To Cook Steaks On Your Stovetop That Taste Better Than in a Fancy Restaurant with some good tips for a good steak.

In your RV, the biggest problem is probably going to be the limits of the stove. Most modern RV stoves do have a high heat burner that will help get the pan good and hot. A good sear is one critical step to a good steak.

Also see wikiHowHow to Cook Steak in a Frying Pan. What’s Cooking America has its take with similar ideas: Perfect Steaks – How To Cook Perfect Steaks

good quality meat, room temperature, season or cure ahead of time, very hot pan, dry meat, good use of fat in the meat, consideration for carry-over cooking, — simple stuff but getting it right is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

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