Twin Lakes near Bridgeport

There are several Twin Lakes which means finding the SNU rally site can end up with false leads. The one to look for this weekend is out of Bridgeport on Robinson Creek. This isn’t the Mammoth Lakes Twin Lakes! That’s just over the hill.
Twin Lakes near Bridgeport

Here are some links to peruse.

Steve Eckert is a climbing enthusiasts and has a map and links at Horse Creek and Robinson Creek trailheads -|- page on Bridgeport lists the major peaks and trailheads and other information. They also have a fishing guide -|-
You can guess the topic at – a tour of the ghost town is planned for Saturday. -|- If you want to know how much water is in Robinson creek you can check the hydrologic report -|- You can rent a 26′ trailer from Hank and Ray for $680 per week and not even need a tow vehicle. -|- The adventurous and fit hikers and climbers can head up the Sawtooths behind the lake to see the Doodad -|- the Bridgeport Inn has a nice summary of fishing holes

And don’t forget the WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit Rally at Twin Lakes

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