Self contained tourists – selling the community benefits

Ken sends this link from ‘down under’ by the Campervan Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA). It is about the Self-Contained RV Tourist and Economic Benefits.

“Over the past decade the Self-Contained RV Tourist market has continued to expand, and has now emerged as one of the most important and sustainable sectors of the tourism industry. It is increasingly important to effectively understand this market and its needs, and provide facilities and services that will attract this emerging tourism segment to your region.”

Facts and figures follow and they present an interesting profile of the RV experience that seems to fit with U.S. RVers as well Australian ones. Some of the facts to think about: the RV and camping industry has been growing at an annual rate of about 15% over the past seven years and that is likely to continue due to the ‘baby boom’ demographics; it is one of the most stable markets since 2000. RVer’s do spend money, need few services, and can make a significant contribution to any community that welcomes them.

In the U.S. Walmart seems to have the data presented well in hand. Others seem to have difficulty with the potential. If your community is one of those that doesn’t get the link between economic health and a friendly attitude towards the RV community, the link can help make the case for change. If your RV association is struggling, seems weak in the knees, or has lost its focus, the CMCA is providing an example to illustrate just what an RV association can do to raise the flag, find focus, and garner support and enthusiasm.

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