Making coffee options: cold brew?

Coffee? It get’s people going whether they are into it as a connoisseur of just want something other than water to drink. For a start, see the TT Owner’s Guide chapter on Living: Coffee.

The classic manual method is the Melitta: Melitta Ready Set Joe/Mug 64010 Coffee Makers Speciality. That’s a filtration system to sit on a cup so all you do is to heat water and pour it through.

Another one for hot coffee that provides a concentrated or even Expresso result is AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with zippered nylon tote bag and an Extra 350 Micro Filters (700 Total). The discussions on just how hot the water should be and the specifics of the technique get quite extensive on the forums for the AeroPress. It does a good job when all you need is a cup or two and is easy to clean up. The amount of coffee you get from it is rather small but quite strong. You can dillute to fill two mugs and come up with a decent cup.

If you are into iced coffee or like to have a concentrate in the fridge so you can microwave a cup of coffee anytime, a cold brew might do. You can go with a ‘make your own’ from a couple of drink glasses left over from your last fast food run: Cold Brewed Coffee on the Cheap. A commercial version of this is the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System.

The cold brew idea is interesting in that it is a room temperature coffee brewing over a long time, like 12 hours or so. That creates a concentrate suitable for 3:1 dillution that can be stored in the fridge for a week or two.

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If you do coffee for your camp group, a 3 liter Thermos type pot as shown in the Owner’s Guide will keep coffee available for the morning depending up how many and how coffee driven your friends are that morning.

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