Itty bitty kitchen?

This handbook looks interesting. Cool Tools reviews The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook.

Justin Spring grew up on a boat, with a kitchen even smaller than mine — essentially a camp stove, an ice chest, and a bucket. He has huge insight into the problems of small kitchens, including the ‘shut-off point’ where clutter stops most food preparation and the local takeout place gets a lot of business.

This is a truly holistic guide to getting the most possible use and enjoyment from a tiny kitchen. It includes 100 recipes tailored for the small kitchen (“one-pot, toaster oven brownies”).

The example about the refrigerator mentions cleaning out the coils on the back – this is an annual maintenance item recommended by RV refrigerator manufacturers. The problem is that, in most RV’s, it is nearly impossible to gain access needed for this maintenance.

There is also the suggestion to cover the wire shelving with plexiglass that sounds interest.

240 pages, 2006, but no longer in print? Amazon has it from 3rd party sellers. Maybe you can find it in your local used books store. It looks like it might have some good ideas for the RV kitchen.

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