Spring ? breakout for the SNU at Weed Heights

The scheduling was on the tail end of a sequence of storms that left record amounts of snow in the Sierras. The snowfall east of US 395 was not enough to really stick as springtime’s longer days are bringing warmer temperatures. The wind was an issue, though. That means checking Road Trip Planner at Weather Underground for the route to see what weather to expect going and coming (as well as traffic and road conditions). At the rally, the mornings were usually quite nice but the winds that came up in the evening would rock you to sleep if you didn’t have the rig stabilizers out and down solid.

See the photo gallery of the SNU Spring Breakout Rally at Week Heights!

George, the park manager, says we need to visit later in the spring when the trees have leaves and things look a bit less bare. He’s got a point.

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