Another rally, another weather watch

It seems the winter Aleutian Low has stretched its influence a bit farther south than usual this winter. Cliff Mass says California Gets Hits on March 22.

You want intense weather? Then head down to California! With a high amplitude trough over the eastern Pacific, one system after another is heading to California. Here are some amazing statistics

High winds at Point Reyes. Record rainfall in many locations in southern California.

The general pattern is going to continue for a while, but with a shift of the precipitation into central and northern CA. The mountains of northern CA will get hit by 2-5 inches of rain.

The Northern California Weather Blog has some water vapor pictures and weather charts showing the pressure cells.

Normally, it seems, we get a big storm that comes in via the pineapple express from Hawaii and dumps quite a bit of snow then heads on east. This winter seems to be more of a mother low cuddling the Alaska and Canada coasts that is getting ripped by the jet stream to throw smaller storms at the California coast. Some of these ‘smaller storms’ are really rather strong which means we not only get a bit of snow on the mountain roads, we also get wind warnings. Both mean poor driving conditions, often with road controls and driving restrictions.

So, for the SNU, its an emphasis on watching weather conditions and road controls just in time for another scheduled rally. That’s part of the reason for the choice of Weed Heights Full service RV Park as a rally site. That has a nice club house for gatherings and full facilities for living convenience and common routes to Yerington tend to avoid the high wind and snow areas somewhat.

On the positive side, though, is that much of the drought situation in the western U.S. has eased. The Sierra snow pack seems to be in good shape and lakes Powell and Meade are showing rising levels as the Colorado River drainage basin also gets some good snow.

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