Road trip

142,000 miles in a 1928 Graham-Paige car that tops out at 40 mph; visit 24 countries; build a family of 4 children along the way. “The Zapps have produced a book called Spark Your Dream which helps to fund the essentials like food and petrol.” Pictures at Ultimate road trip: couple drive 142,000 miles, visit 24 countries and have four children on Refreshing News.

“We were happy, we had everything a young couple could want, but we felt we had to go,” said Herman. “My grandfather knew that we wanted to travel and to never stop so he gave me the old Graham-Paige car he used on his farm and gave me some advice. He told me, ‘If you want to get far, you need to go slowly’, so what could be better than a vintage car?”

Some folks just dream, others live it. Others wonder how on earth they survived the experience or question whether its real or not.

The book on Amazona review at dumamboo

One thing that surprised me, from photos, is that the Zapps appear to be anatomically normal. I figured that crossing the world for six-plus years in an antique car with no shock absorbers would give you giant calloused baboon ass. [workbench]

But how do you get from Argentina to Alaska via Asia and Australia, anyway?

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