1957 WBCCI Caravan to Mexico – Morelia

1/30/57 – Short drive to Morelia – good camp – just out of town – shopping tour with friends. Mom has hair-do – few purchases – great shopping center – beautiful city – meeting at 5p, “Toluca manana” we are told quite a blimb over 9,000 ft – more later – the shooping center or market place – so many variets of good woods – can’t decide.

2/1/57 Toluca – weather cludy, looking stormy. Left about 7:45 am from Morelia 150 some miles – and some miles twice. We wer up over 9,000 ft but everything went well – beautiful country – lots of pines and various other trees – high mountains -fair road. Lunch before arrival in Toluca – quite a city – din’t realize we were up over 8,000 ft – high mountain in background with snow. Friday market day – went to market after arrival – no words can describe the scene – hundreds of people – natives, Indians, Americans, and block after block of wares on display. Everything a person can imagine and then some.

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