Down to the Mojave and back

The journey log for a jaunt down US 95, Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, and back up US 93 to US 50 across Nevada has a portal page where links, photo gallery listings, and other material is being gathered. See A November 2010 Tour, The southern desert, Colorado River corridor and US 93. There is also a page that has pictures of the great Sand Dunes in this area including Kelso, Death Valley, Dumont, and Sand Mountain.

The Colorado River Corridor along the California and Arizona border has two new photo galleries and one described previously (Quartzsite). The first one heads out of Golden Valley down to Laughlin and then down US 95 to Blythe.

See the photo gallery!

From Quartzite back up to Boulder/Hoover Dam followed Arizona 95, I40, and US 93.

See the photo gallery!

This is recreation country with an Indian Reservation and some wild country thrown in for a good old ‘Wild West’ flavor. Most of the traffic goes east and west with the freeways. The roads north and south are more ‘interesting’ which means a bit slower with a lot to see and a lot of places where you really need to stop, get out, and take a look at what is there.

The Dam Bypass on US 93 has been mentioned in a previous post – US 93 over the Colorado not like it was – It really facilitates traffic on the northern Arizona stretch of US 93 but isn’t much for vistas of the dam or Black Canyon. See the pictures!

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