1957 WBCCI Caravan to Mexico – Guanahuato to Patzcuaro

1/26/57 – Bus shopping tour of the city – rest in the afternoon Symphony Concert in the evening – very good.

1/27/57 – Church service at 9:30 – nice – pot luck dinner with six friends at 1 pm. 2:30pm walking tour of the city and picture taking. – to bed early fro trip to Morlera in the morning – very enjoyable day – Pineapples, bananas, Apotes, Cherimoyas, mexican fruits, blackbirds – good Mexican bread and cookies.

1/28/57 – Monday Patzcuaro – good weather, nice and warm cool nights – left Guanahuato 8am – wonderful farming country, irrigation in most of the large valleys – fair road – bad sholders – two detours on hill – streets very hard – dips – many trailers hit bottom – 158 miles – bypassed Morelia – going back after hard drive, many hills. Arrived 2:30 pm – Patscuaro – cool in am but wonderful and warmer as day progresses. Campground very very pretty – pine trees – mountain lake beautiful place – no rest for change – meeting time 4pm – various tours outlined – supper – card game with our friends.

1/29/57 – Patzcuaro – no shops so took shopping tour to Buraga back 10 miles – much pottery etc – lunch outside trailer with our friends. Beautiful country. Hair cut Mexican style. Mom bought dress and pottery etc. Indian dances at 4pm. Moving pictures in evening. Rail trip to Urupan tomorrow. Monguey – establ?? -molasses flavor – aquaoz – eat lower part. Depot in Patzcuaro – meal time stop.

1/30/57 – Patxcuaro – weather good – missed town of Patzcuaro 4 miles from camp – 30 Caravaneers boarded train for Urupan – no guide, no nothing – arrived about 11:30 – appointed me official head by kangaroo court. They think I speak Espanol – tour of park – very beautiful – luncheon hotel – taxi cab – Valcane hroses – not for me – really something – argument over prices – arrive in Urupan just in time for train ride back to Patzcuaro – lunch on train – quite a ride – back to camp 9pm every one very tired. Mom rode a horse to Morelia manana. Arrived Morelia 10:30 am

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