1957 WBCCI Caravan to Mexico – Guanahuato

photo gallery, newsclippings and other memorabilia from the 1957 Mexican Caravan

1/24/57 – Guanahuato – arrived about 12:30 – lunch and a chance to rest. Meeting at 4pm – Indian dances at suppertime – a real show. So many things to go to see we don’t think we can make it. This baseball field is almost on top of a mountain. How they ever found a level spot this big I don’t know. Stayed in camp tonight, slides of caravan trip to creba?. We have water and electricity for a change – big day tomorrow.

1/25/57 – Church bells – these cities and towns of Mexico have their churches and really believe in ringing the bells. The weather is warm. You can always tell when you are getting close to a town, the church is the first thing you see. I intend to tour the city with the Luckyknotts. Visited the new theater – beautiful building and the university – amazing how they build these beautiful big buildings on a mountain side. Words cannot describe this city from the food of the ravine or canyon solid rock walls on up the mountainside- beautiful rock work. Arrived at cemetery on top of a hill – visited the mummies – strange how these bodies mummify in this place. Our taxi driver tried to take us – was agreed to pay 50 pesos for a two hour trip for 5 people. He wanted to charge 50 pesos per hour so we let him go and were stranded at the cemetery. Finally got another taxi to take us back to town. Visited the market place for an hour or so, got another taxi to camp. What a thrill – these guys drive like madmen, the streets are all so narrow and crooked you wonder how these taxis and bus drivers ever make a turn without banging in the side of the bus or how they maneuver. Arrived at camp just in time to catch the bus for a trip to the mines and luncheon by the 20-31 Club. visited the older church in Guanahuato – too much gilt and too many images. Many peons were killed in the construction of the church – used now only as a tourist attraction. The mine’s only a short way from the city. Words cannot describe this wonder. The mine and smelter were all one unit, now in ruins. The shaft of this mine is about 225 ft in diameter and so deep that in dropping a rock, it takes 18 seconds to hit the water and they say thats only half way down. Luncheon was in a grove of trees below the dam (Manema) Delayed for 2 hours more. Too many people to be fed. Showed pictures of Creba in the evening.

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