Quartzsite, Az: winter rv and rock show

This winter in Quartzsite has been a bit colder than usual what with snow in Phoenix and I15 closed and such things. That doesn’t stop the show. Snowbirds still arrived to park out in the cactus. Vendors still arrived to take advantage of the market. It is a unique winter RV experience.

See the photo gallery!

The La Posa Plain Stretches from the Colorado River Indian Reservation around the Dome Rock Mountains down to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and the Yuma Proving Grounds. Arizona route 95 is a straight north south line here with Quartzsite where it crosses I10. It is Mojave Desert and a very popular spot for folks who seek a mild winter climate for their RV lifestyle. Most of the landscape is managed by the BLM and they provide some facilities and oversight for the many thousands of RV’s camped out in the desert. The scope and size of the RV activity is something to see.

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