1957 WBCCI Caravan to Mexico – Aguas Calientes

1/22/57 Aguas Calientes – weather good- left at 8am from Zacatecas- stopped at the granaries about 12 miles out – there are 22 of these all told about 200 years old- built to store grain in so as to have a supply on hand during the dry years. They are cone shaped about 50ft in diameter and about 50 to 60 ft high. – windows near top to pour grain in with steps balance of way up to completely fill the granery – very interesting – balance of trip of about 80 miles to Penuel as good except coming through Aguas Calientes – very clean city but everyone was out to greet us – could hardly drive through the streets for the kids.

1/23/57 – Penuels – weather good – arrived about 2pm – hard job to park the trailer. This is an old hacienda – Indian dance in progress as we arrived – parked trailer and headed for entertainment – good buffet lunch and refreshments – 3pm Indian dances in tennis court – same group of dancers at San Diego festival – very good, front row seats. Potluck supper with the Luckenots outside our trailers regardless of the dust. 7pm reception in governor’s palace – very wonderful program – dancing by the school children- mariachis band and singing – cokes for refreshments and state band for music. Up early 9am trip to bull ring to see bull fights with yearling stock – five of the most famous matadors gave a demonstration of the art of bull fighting – not for me – shopping tour of Agua Calientes in afternoon with our friends. Cocktail with the Diamonds from San Diego in our trailer. 7pm big fiesta – mucha Mexicana in the garden of the hacienda – tacos, enchiladas, tamales, atole sauce in pottery jug or cup (we were allowed to keep these for souvenirs) -coffee and some sweet bread for dessert. Marimba band and mariachis – two young couples to dance for us then a beautiful display of fireworks – really grand. These people really put on the entertainment – to bed late – leave for Quenajuato 8am Our shopping tour of Aguas Caliente good – nice stock? – nice stores but too modern – unable to locate good store for real Mexican goods.

1/24/57 – Quenajuato – one small detour. Going through these Mexican cities is really something – narrow crooked streets – croweded with cheering people – Leon was a dilly and the town of Guanahuato is right up in the mountains – house hung on the hillside and I mean these streets are crooked – had to have an escort to get through town. Parked in the baseball field – very pretty spot.

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