DEET Alternatives Approved

National Geographic reports that two new mosquito repellants have been approved by the US CDC. Do now you can use the ‘gold standard’ diethyl toluamide. known as DEET, or p-menthane 3,8-diol, also known as PMD or Oil of lemon eucalyptus, or Picaridin (KBR 3023) to ward off those west nile carrying mosquitos.

Note that repellants should be applied only to exposed skin and care should be taken to make sure it doesn’t get into eyes, nose, mouth, or onto other sensitive areas. To protect skin under clothing, apply the repellant to the clothing. Don’t use more than is really needed. Wash thoroughly rather than sleep with it on you.

It is important to protect yourself from mosquitos in the Sierra Nevada Airstreams Territory because West Nile virus is something you don’t want to catch from a mosquito bite. We just had our first death of 2005 from West Nile and don’t want another.

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