US 93 over the Colorado not like it was

Popular Mechanics has a story about Lessons from the Hoover Dam Bypass. “The hoover dam bypass is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the U.S. in years. It’s also on-time, on-budget and environmentally-savvy.”

The bypass is 5.5 miles with nine new bridges, twice as many lanes as before, and a higher speed limit. What it does is to make the crossing of the Colorado on US 93 a non event where it is difficult to even tell it exists. Northbound high profile traffic is directed to the inside lanes, perhaps to avoid interference with the pedestrians on the north side of the bridge although the very high berms helps keep traffic segregated (and visibility off the bridge down). It isn’t scenic if you are looking for bridge, canyon, or dam views.

If you want to see the dam or the bridge, you have to hit the old road going down to the dam from the Nevada side. That will give you some idea of what the road was like before the bypass, too. The Arizona side was the real ‘winding down through the canyon’ road experience and it is now no more than a memory.

Now what you’ve got is near freeway conditions from the Nevada casino intersection near the dam all the way down to Kingman. That’s needed as both ends have severe traffic problems yet to be resolved.

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