An average of 67 people are killed by lightning each year in the United States. July is typically the worst month.

LiveScience reports that this year is off to a bad start.

Lightning has killed at least 14 people and injured more than 100 in the United States since early June, according to a statement issued today by NOAA, parent organization of the National Weather Service.

The recent hot spell was terminated when enough moisture got into the system to create clouds, thunderstorms, and winds. Due to temperature differences, there was a lot of turbulence and this meant hail and flash flooding as well as lightning and thunder.

Late afternoon and evening thunderstorms can be common when you have good daytime sunshine heating the ground with some moisture in the atmosphere. The hot ground gets air hot near the ground. Hot air rises. Rising air cools as the pressure drops with elevation. Cooler air holds less moisture which leaves the air to form clouds. All of the moving air with dust and whatever creates static charges that can accumulate to staggering proportions. If all of this piles up enough, boom! you get thunder and lightning and rain and maybe even hail and ice. And maybe even tornadoes in some places.

This brings up the question about what to do to protect yourself from lightning and other storm problems. Without a good solid building to shield you, all you have is your RV. If this is of solid metal construction, it can serve as good lightning protection. Just stay inside and away from windows as best you can. Your biggest hazard then will be from things falling on your rig so be sure to park away from trees and other tall things.

When a storm is imminent, you need to make sure awnings are secured and that everything is tied down so it won’t blow away.

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