Tragedy in desert

The Reno Gazette Journal reports that a Man who died in desert apparently stranded

A 27-year-old man who died in the Black Rock Desert last week was apparently stranded there after his vehicle got stuck on a sand dune, Pershing County Sheriff Ron Skinner said Monday.

The body was found only two days after the man left for a bicycle event. It isn’t likely that the desert got him in that short a period of time but it likely contributed to his death.

What can be learned?

Respect the desert. It is possible to get stuck where no one will notice for days or longer so make sure someone does know when to consider you missing and where to search to find you. Make sure that you have water and shade to help survive a day or two (or three) if necessary. Don’t depend upon cell phones or other usual methods to get you out of trouble as they may not work away from civilization even an hour’s drive or less.

Note that the man who died did do something right. He stayed with his vehicle. This increased his odds of being found. It is sad that he was found too late.

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