Pizza Factory broken promises

The ads said they’d deliver to the Lahontan beach – it’s only 4 miles or so from the restaurant, after all. It seemed like a good idea for a pizza feed at the rally as a special event.

First in the list was to drop by the restaurant and confirm delivery to the lake and pick up a menu and a flyer with the special offers. All looked good. It was downhill from there.

A call to order the pizza (good cell phone coverage at Lahontan) placed the order and that is when we found a reluctance to deliver past the ranger station at the entrance to the state recreation area. That meant we had to wait for a call and then send someone out out to the station to pick up the order.

The second surprise was an incomplete order. The chicken wings part of the special package ordered were missing. That meant that some of those for whom pizza was not in their diet did not have an option. Paid for merchandise was not delivered. A promise was made to bring out the chicken wings, to the beach camp, the next day.

The next day, the Pizza Factory at Silver Springs was called to confirm delivery of the previous day’s shortages. OK, they’d be out to the campsite and deliver shortly. They never showed, never called,

Pizza Factory is a franchise with a corporate office in Oakhurst, CA. That has some benefits (the pizza was good!) but you have to wonder when one of the franchisees fails to delivers on promises, shorts customers, and doesn’t follow through on promised remediation.

The upshot is that anyone deciding to cap an outing at Lahontan with a pizza feed needs to consider what they will do when promises are not met, orders are not complete, and the action does not meet the talk at the Silver Springs Pizza Factory. Our experience was reminiscent of the old route 66 scams taking advantage of those passing through.

The feeling here is that you really should not have to hold a reputable retailer’s feet to the fire and cajole, threaten, or harass them to deliver what they promise and what you paid for. That does not appear to be the value system we encountered at the Silver Springs Pizza Factory.

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