Lightweight Tinkertoys

PVC pipe is inexpensive, lightweight, and fairly rigid. That makes it an excellent structural material for RV accessories. The problem is that the plumbing section of the local hardware store doesn’t carry some of the joints needed for things like boxes. FORMUFIT is one answer. They call themselves “Tinkertoys. For adults.” and focus on furniture grade PVC fittings, connectors, and accessories. Besides fittings no plumber would ever use, they brag about the glossy finish without the branding and embossing you often find on plumbing fittings.

It appears these folks are just getting started. The ‘plans library’ is listed as “coming soon” and the tips and FAQ sections just cover the basics. Prices seem to run around a buck a fitting plus shipping. With corner T’s, swivel T’s, end caps and other such fittings, your imagination might be your guide.

You probably wouldn’t want to make benches, step stools and other load critical items out of PVC but it might work well for storage boxes and light shelving. Let your imagination be your guide!

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