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The June 2010 Newsletter has been posted! Note: Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found at there, too

June Rally at Unionville

The SNU will hold a rally at the county park in Unionville. Dates for the rally are Thursday June 24 to Sunday June 27. Unionville is off of I 80 East. About 60 miles East of Lovelock. Take exit 149 (about 44 miles from Lovelock) towards Mill City/Unionville. The road to Unionville is good gravel. The park is near the end so keep going till you see Airstreams. Be sure and bring wood for campfires. (Your routing program might take a shortcut over the mountain to the south. This route at exit 119 is not recommended,)

Topics in the June newsletter

June rally at Unionville -|- Ft Sage Rally Review -|- First draft SNU 2011 rally schedule -|- SNU 35th Anniversary Logo -|- IBT President’s newsletters -|- Region 12 newsletter -|- Airstream restorations -|- Airstream for Sale

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