Visiting the ocean for a swim?

One of the ocean’s deadliest tricks is described in Live Science. Rip tides or currents pull more than 100 to drowning deaths at US beaches every year.

The USLA [United States Lifesaving Association] also emphasizes anyone planning to swim in the ocean should learn to swim well and never swim alone. Pick a beach with a lifeguard if you don’t feel comfortable with your swimming abilities but still want to enjoy the surf. And finally, take a look at the water — if it looks dangerous, don’t even try it.

The force of moving water is nothing to mess with. Water has a lot of weight and when it is moving it can easily shove around large objects. Flowing water even as shallower than a foot deep can sweep you off your feet or, if in a flash flood on a desert road, sweep your rig off down the wash.

If you do get caught, the key to getting out alive is to not panic and not fight the flow. Whether a flood, a river, or a rip tide, work across the flow to its edge and then to a secure spot. You may end up a long ways downstream but that is better than the alternative.

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