Your legacy and your assets online

Alejandro Martínez-Cabrera, Chronicle Staff Writer at SFGate discusses the problem of how Web sites deal with digital assets after we die. Do you have a contingency plan so someone can easily take care of your online presence if you die or are incapacitated? Who knows the ID and password you use to access online banking or investment accounts or how to obtain them? Do you have instructions that someone can use to notify your friends and correspondents of your status if need be? What should be done with the user accounts at social or shopping websites?

And how do you protect this personal access information while on the road yet still have it available with use instructions in a safe and secure manner? No longer is it the family lawyer with a will in his safe. Exactly what it will be is being figured out. Martínez-Cabrera describes some of the options being tried. A first step is just being aware that the problem exists and that is where you can start.

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