Fresh batteries saves lives?

Winter is hard on batteries. The RV storage batteries need to be properly maintained to assure that they are healthy come spring. The batteries for flashlights and other gadgets also need some consideration although they tend to do well sitting in cool temperatures. This hasn’t always been the case.
Gizmodo says “FACT: Stale Batteries Are THE Leading Cause of Fatal Snake Encounters“. It shows a 1936 Everready battery newspaper ad with an interesting story.

For your lead acid storage batteries you need to make sure that they are kept fully charged and that the electrolyte is not allowed to stratify (see Zephyrs Basic battery guidelines).

If you have gadgets with built in rechargeable batteries, give them a charge every month or two and make sure they don’t run flat.

For gadgets with replaceable batteries that aren’t being used, take the batteries out and check for any indications of corrosion in the battery compartment. If these are the inexpensive non-rechargeable alkaline type then it might be worthwhile to replacing them with new ones as a part of your preparation for a new season. This is like the general advice to replace smoke alarm batteries every year.

Temperature extremes and discharged states are hard on batteries. Make sure you are prepared for emergencies by taking care of your batteries, especially when ‘out of sight out of mind’ might apply. Who knows, maybe you’ll wake up in the middle of the night wondering what is making that strange noise …

see also Wikipedia and Powerstream Battery Storage Recommendations for more ideas and background.

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