Keep watch for EVIL cameras

That’s Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens as Wired has it. The story is a head’s up on what in on the horizon in digital cameras.

The traditional choice going back to film days is that you could aim your camera with a viewfinder or you could use a reflecting mechanism to actually see what the film would see. Digital cameras have provided LCD screens to view pictures and control the camera but these screens have not been used so much as a replacement for the old standby’s.

The key with EVIL is the ‘IL’ or interchangeable lens. That is a step up from the fixed lens usually found in cell phones or snapshot cameras. When you can change lenses, you have options to make the best choice for distance, light, and other factors that you can adapt to differing circumstances.

The ‘EV’ or electronic viewfinder provides ‘what you see is what you get’ capabilities without the bulky mirrors and complex mechanisms needed for SLR viewfinders.

These days you can see a lot of folks holding a camera out at arm’s length trying to use the screen on the rear as a viewfinder. It is difficult to hold a camera steady that way. The EV needs to be one that can be held close to the eye yet still provide a clear focus for presbyopic old eyes.

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