State parks and budget crunches

Coyote Blog has Total Frustration With Arizona Parks. He runs a business of privatizing public recreation and knows how to keep state parks and similar recreation areas financially viable yet cannot convince the authorities to act on his knowledge.

Of course, I am not completely naive. I know there is a tried and true kabuki dance here where parks departments threaten to close down the Washington Monument in a bid for public sympathy that will either deflect budget cuts or spur new taxes. I also know that state parks directors have sworn a blood oath together never to let private concessionaires run whole parks, even if the parks have to be shut down

The places we like to visit in our RV’s make for good symbols because they are ‘recreational’ and, hence, luxuries that are not critical to the state and they are visible. When times are good, that is why they get a lot of extras and fancy geegaws and RV spaces with utilities and fancy trails and facilities. When times are not so good, …

The observations in the commentary are worth considering. They touch on how government and social ideology influence our access to outdoor opportunities with our RV’s.

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